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6 Ways to Introduce Yourself to a New Class

Six great lesson ideas to introduce yourself to your new elementary school class. Connect with your students using these practical ice-breaker...


Teaching kids to struggle #GrowthMindset

A great lesson to teach kids about struggling and the benefits of developing a Growth Mindset. This lesson has been used thousands of times.


Word Clouds in Your Classroom

Word clouds can be a great resource to use in a classroom. Here are a few ways Tim Bowman (CEO of Class Creator) has used word clouds in his...

2021 - New Features Update

Class Creator's features for 2021. Student-Class Pairings, Student Placement Helper, Customizable Surveys, Additional Fields, Race/Ethnicity and more

Class List Creation

Class List Creation in GIFS

A humorous look at class list creation in elementary and primary schools. Any educator that's ever made classes will enjoy these GIFs.

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