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Class Creator in 3 Minutes


How do we get our students in?

What do the surveys look like?


Can we edit the survey configuration?


How are classes created & edited?


How do we share the new classes?


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Get our free ebook on how you can level up your B2B SaaS content marketing

“I was so impressed with the support given by the support people. It was always prompt and gave solutions every time. It has saved our school many hours of work and it gives all teachers the input through the class survey. Classes were quick and easy to amend and it is especially great to see the friends, pairing, and separations when making these amendments."

“Class Creator has saved me time and headaches when it comes to class placements. My teachers are able to complete surveys at their leisure and the final results make it easier for my secretaries to enter class information. I love Class Creator. Corinne at Class Creator is also amazing.”

“We piloted Class Creator with Grade 4 in 2016. We were so pleased with the ease by which it allowed us to manage the myriad of data related to allocating students into classes that we rolled out the software throughout our primary school. Class Creator came at the right time, just when we were struggling with paper-based solutions and complicated customized spreadsheets. Class Creator is simple, intuitive and provides useful analytics when building classes."

“This was my second year using Class Creator and it was very smooth, saving my teachers a lot of time. The ease of completing the survey is wonderful and the ability to add notes to students' profiles helps with communication to next year's teachers."