Simple Pricing

Only pay for what you need. No lock-in contracts. Money-back Guarantee.


US$1.60 per student/year

Based on your current enrolment.

5% buffer is included, in case your enrolment numbers change.

Get started within 24 hours.

Contact us for District Pricing

  • Website 2.0 Graphics Online Surveys(Behaviour, Academic, Special Needs, Friendships, EAL/ESL, Tags, etc.)
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Balanced Classes Instantly
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Drag & Drop Editing
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Student-Student Pairings & Separations
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Placement Alerts
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Student History Saved
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Sociograph (Identify At-Risk Students)
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Split/Multi-Age Classes
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Student-Teacher Pairings & Separations
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Accessible on any device
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Handover Notes for New Teacher
  • Website 2.0 Graphics No Installation/Downloading
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Leveled Access (Admin & Teacher)
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Shuffle Classes
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Student-Class Pairings & Separations
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Share Classes for Feedback
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Group Creator (EG Camps & Sports Teams)
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Student Data Reports

Included Support

No Charge

  • Website 2.0 Graphics User-Friendly Software
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Knowledge Base
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Step-by-step Videos
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Email Support (Under 24 hours Response Time)
  • Website 2.0 Graphics 24/7 Chatbot Support

Optional Extra Support

US$295 per year

  • Website 2.0 Graphics Everything in INCLUDED Support plus...
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Priority Email Support
  • Website 2.0 Graphics 1-hour Personal Online Session (Demo/Setup + Q&A)
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Personal Import Assistance
  • Website 2.0 Graphics Personal Survey Configuration
  • Website 2.0 Graphics API Access

Pricing FAQs

Do you have district pricing?


The bigger the district, the bigger the discount we can provide.

Please contact us for District Pricing.

What Support Plan do I need?

Most schools are fine with the included support plan.

If you can copy & paste into an Excel spreadsheet, are happy to learn from our in-app videos and email support, then the included support should be enough for you.

The premium support plan is for schools that would love a live onboarding session, help setting up their surveys, and phone support.



Can we trial Class Creator for free?

We do not offer free trials/pilots.

The cost to set up a school is too great for this to be a viable option for us and our focus is on supporting the school we have rather than "making sales".

We do however offer a LOT of options for schools to see if Class Creator is the right fit for them:

  • Class Creator Demo School
  • Class Creator Video Demos
  • Class Handover Notes Example
  • Student History Example
  • Class Creator Brochure

We also have lots of testimonials (we have helped schools make over three million student placements) and offer a money-back guarantee.

Is Class Creator worth it?

Class Creator is an investment in a commonly undervalued resource in schools...time.

 Short-term Savings

  • Easy data collection via online surveys.                                                                   (≈ 1 hour per teacher)
  • Balanced classes created in a click.                                                                         (≈ 1 hour per grade level)
  • Easy editing with real-time feedback.                                                                      (≈ 2 hours per grade level)
  • No more data entry of student cards/spreadsheets                                              (≈ 1 hour per grade level)
  • Simple to use, no teacher training required                                                             (≈ 30 minutes per teacher)

Medium-term Savings

  • No placement mistakes = A lot fewer disgruntled students/parents/teachers.  (≈ 1 hour per mistake avoided)
  • Easy to update and edit when students arrive/depart your school                      (≈ 30 minutes per student)

Long-term Savings

  • Better classes = A better year for students, teachers, parents & leadership.   (≈ weeks/months)
  • History is saved, easy to access and automatically alerts you of mistakes.         (≈ 3+ hours per year)

Our Commitment

We understand school budgets are tight. We understand that the money you spend on a Class Creator subscription is money you can't spend on other things. That's why we truly respect your decision if you decide to use Class Creator and we work hard to ensure you receive great value.

How do we get started?

Fill in your details on our sign-up page.

We'll create your account and email your login details within 12 hours (usually much sooner) and you can start making classes.

We send the invoice through after your login details because we know how time-sensitive the process can be in schools and we don't to hold up your progress will you arrange payment.

Is this an annual subscription?


Both the subscription and support packages are annual

So you can start with support for the first year and turn it off for the second year...because you'll be a pro by then.


When and how do we renew?

Yearly subscriptions are valid for:

Southern Hemisphere calendar schools (eg. 2016) - July to June

Northern Hemisphere calendar schools (eg. 2016-17) - January to December

We renew this way so renewals are not due during when schools will be using the software. There is nothing more frustrating for a school than waiting to use something while "head office" approves payment.

Is your money-back guarantee real?

Yes. We are so confident in Class Creator that if it doesn't help you make great classes and save you time we will give you a full refund. The only "rules" are:
- You let us know where we went wrong
- You will not be able to re-sign to use Class Creator the following year.
- You notify us before the completion of the academic year in which you signed up.
We are less about getting sales and more about ensuring we are the right fit for a school.

Can we pay pro-rata?

No pro-rata subscriptions are offered due to the time period Class Creator is used.

What should we enter for our enrolment numbers?

When signing up you enter your current student enrolment number.

We allow for a 5% variation of this number in case your student numbers change.

If your enrolments reduce, we can issue a refund.

If your enrolments increase, you can add the students to the system and we will issue a "top-up" invoice for the additional students.

Is renewal automatic?

No, renewals are not automatic.

Renewing schools are required to accept a renewal invoice and process payment of the annual subscription fee.

This allows schools to only pay for what they need if student numbers change or they no longer require support.


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