Class Creator's Workflow

Class Creator is designed to be super easy to use and match your school's current workflow.

1. Sign Up

Fill in your school details in our sign-up form.

We will set up your account and email your login details within 12 hours.

You can get started right away.

≈ 3 minutes

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2. Import

Use our simple Excel spreadsheet to import your students and teachers.

It doesn't matter what SIS/SMS you're using, Class Creator plays nicely with everyone.

≈ 20 minutes


3. Configure & Send Surveys

Customize your survey to collect the data that matters to your school.

Click "Send Invitations" and Class Creator then emails your teachers their own survey invite to complete for their class.

≈ 15 minutes


4. Teacher Complete Surveys

As teacher complete their surveys you can see the data coming in via your admin dashboard.

Teachers love the ease of Class Creator and the editable rubrics mean your data is moderated across the school.

≈ 15-30 minutes


5. Create Class Lists

Click a button and your new classes will be created instantly balanced across behavior, academics, gender, support requirements, social dynamics, and much more.

This process would usually take educators many hours/days/weeks.



6. Edit Classes

This is where the Art and Science of class list creation come together.

Art: Educator Knowledge of Students

Science: Student Data

Drag-and-Drop students between classes whilst receiving feedback in real-time on class demographics and student placement alerts.

Class Creator empowers educators, it doesn't replace them.

≈ 30 minutes to 3 hours


7. Share Your Classes

Share your classes with staff for feedback and/or send them their finalized class list with all the information on their new students.

Class Creator automatically saves your student data for future years.

No more forgotten separations!

≈ 5 minutes


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