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Our Team

Tim Bowman
CEO | Founder
An experienced educator and author with a passion for student well-being​ and efficiency in education​.
13 years of education experience as teacher and co-ordinator. Tim has created a LOT of classes. He has worked in both primary and secondary schools in Australia and Hong Kong.
Tim loves to minimise wasted time and make efficient systems. As a result he searched for a better way to make new academic classes, and when he couldn’t find one…he decided to create one. As a passionate educator Tim is very excited by the impact Class Creator is having on education.
When Tim is not working on Class Creator he loves spending time with his wife (Corinne) and their two young children. Tim is also a photographer and runner.

Our Mission


Provide educators with solutions that will have a positive impact on student well-being and academic outcomes.

Not only were we constantly impressed with the ease of use and the results produced by Class Creator; but the assistance available to answer and correct any small aspects of the program which we had not approached correctly was second to none!  Teachers were also impressed with how easy it was to complete the teacher surveys - minimal work for maximum output.  I would recommend Class Creator for anyone allocating students to Middle Years.
Michael Trott
Director of Middle Years
Redeemer Lutheran Colleg
Corinne Bowman
COO | Founder
An educational project manager with an exceptional history of implementing programs on an international scale.
Corinne is an experienced teacher, educational consultant and education project manager. Corinne has worked in both primary and secondary schools in Australia and Hong Kong.
Corinne enjoys having things organised (she is like Monica from friends). She loves making lists and organising chaos. Hence she loves helping people organise the chaos that is creating new academic classes.
Corinne is a mother of two. When she is not working on Class Creator, running a household and spinning 38 other plates at one time, she enjoys cooking, watching television shows that her husband can’t stand and catching up on sleep.
Karl  Kopp
CTO | Founder
An experienced CTO who has designed and developed platforms for some of the world’s leading businesses (Ford, Qantas and Telstra)
Possessing strong technical skills across a variety of platforms, Karl has been building innovative, high performance solutions for more than 14 years. Karl specialises in delivering secure and stable software that is designed with the end user in mind.
Karl loves solving complex problems. Finding great classes is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Thankfully Karl has the expertise to program a computer to think like a teacher…it even knows where the staffroom is.
Karl loves spending time with his wife and two children. He is also into permaculture and his favourite colour is red. Did we mention…Karl is Ironman?


Develop easy-to-use software that educators enjoy using. No clunky software allowed!!

Create efficient solutions to specific challenges. Solving one problem well, is better than solving a few problems "okay".


Listen to the educators "in the trenches"!
Disclaimer: We can't build everything...yesterday   :-)

User Feedback

Class Creator was invented, designed and developed by Australian based Pigeonhole Software Pty Ltd (PHS). ​
Our​ ​​commitment to providing schools with all the tools and support they need to create classes that improve student wellbeing and performance has resulted in Class Creator becoming the world leading student placement software.
The concept of leveraging technology to enable schools to create better classes quickly, was first devised by PHS founder Tim Bowman, in 2012. After researching student placement and class composition extensively, in both local and international contexts, it was evident that there was a need to improve the process and study the outcomes​ of class composition​. Using their extensive educational and technological expe​rtise the PHS team began ​the ​development ​of Class Creator ​in 2014.
Early on it was evident there were numerous ways to approach the challenge of making “better classes”. After experimenting with a variety of approaches the team settled on a “teacher logic” approach. ​The team then spent months testing the algorithm with real world data to ensure it produced classes any student, teacher, principal or parent would be happy with.
​Other strategies, such as applying a numerical value to a student and creating “average classes” provided results that looked good on paper, but may be terrible to teach. After months of continued development and revision the Class Creator algorithm produced classes that are balanced in the eyes of educators, not just numerically.
Once classes were created it became clear that schools would also benefit from having a simple method to tweak classes to fit their individual needs. The ability Drag & Drop students between classes, combined with Placement Alerts and the Colour Coded Overview have enabled schools to create classes better than ever before.
Colour Coded Overview – provides schools will real-time feedback on the composition of the classes.
Placements Alerts – Ensures students are placed in accordance with the school’s policy for student separations, pairings, friendships and placement history.
​As Class Creator is the first software of it’s kind, Pigeonhole Software Pty Ltd have applied for a patent on our placement algorithm,​ manual editing, placement alerts, data collection and class creation processes. We are very proud to be an Australian company having a global impact on education.
As Pigeonhole Software expands, we continue to develop solutions to other challenges in education that have previously been overlooked. With a focus on students and educators we are excited by creating simple, easy to use solutions.


Our Story

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Our Educators

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Class Creator is a fantastic program.
It saved hours of time was easy to manage and made balancing the classes a lot easier. The staff loved the surveys and management from their end. The class creator team  responded quickly and were extremely  helpful. They were also responsive to requests and continued to improve the program as suggestions were implemented. We love the program thank you. We will definitely use it again.
Katherine Holman
Salisbury Heights Primary School
Class Creator has taken the pain away from making new grades. Much of the manual work involved is now done by the program. The initial creation of the classes is excellent. Then when making changes, the effect of moving one student can been seen immediately. The group move tool is also very handy. We had many social, academic and behavioural factors to consider when creating our grades, so balancing these using the program was a real advantage. I would highly recommend the program to any school.
Christopher Drowley
Team Leader
Epping Views Primary School


Thousands of educators from all over the world are using Class Creator.


- Strips of paper/Sticky notes

- Overloaded Excel spreadsheets

- Lost student history

- Inconsistent data

- Placement mistakes (angry parents, students & teachers)

- Lots of time/Staff meetings

- Heaps of manual data entry



- All electronic/online

- Intuitive, color-coded Display

- Student History Saved

- Consistency across the school

- No more mistakes

- Saving teachers and administartors hours

- Easy data colection and intergration (CSV)

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