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"Class Creator is an amazing tool that quickly and efficiently organizes students into classes, while taking into account levels of performance, special programs, gender, preferences, and separations. It does in minutes what would take HOURS if done by hand. The program is very easy to use, and reports are very easy to read. Fabulous product!"

- Lynne, Assistant Principal at Meadow Wood Elementary

Students Placed

Classes Created


Placement Alerts


Mistake are a thing of the past due to our placement alerts and real-time feedback.

Data Collection/Surveys


Collect more consistent data across your school in a fraction of the time by using Class Creator's online surveys.

History Saved


Access your students survey data and history. No more placement mistakes due to lost/forgotten history!

Balanced Classes Instantly


Class Creator's "Teacher Logic" algorithm uses the data from surveys to create classes balanced by gender, class size, behavior, academics, IEP, ESOL, GT and social dynamics.

Multi-Age Classes


Composite classes are easy to configure and create using Class Creator.

Drag & Drop Editing


Schools have full control to tweak their classes with ease using our drag & drop editor.

Group Move


Move students in their social/friendship groups.



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Student Separations
and Pairings


Makes sure students are placed with, or separated from, particular students or teachers.

Customize Survey Labels 


Edit the survey labels to suit the needs of your school.

Teacher Notes


Now teachers can add note to students. Notes are saved for future years. 

(Admin Notes are still available and only visible to school admins not teachers.)

EAL/ESL Surveys


English as an addtional language/English as a second language now included in our surveys and class creation.


Special Needs Tags


Create unique tags for students with special needs (IEP, 504, Visual, etc.) for easy identification when editing classes.


General Tags


Create tags to identify students with specific attributes. 

Examples: Religious Considerations, Medical, Sports Program, Job Share in 2016, etc.


Share Classes


Share your new classes with your staff for feedback. No more printing, lots more data!

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